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In our publishing house the musical work is in the foreground. We ensure its distribution in the most diverse areas!
As an mediator between music creators and music users, we ensure a fair balance of interests.


We place music in films and commercials to fit perfectly. In doing so, we take into account the functions and effects of music with regard to its objectives and application scenarios. With our expertise, we are a competent partner for filmmakers, advertisers and our authors.We also act as an intermediary between brands and artists and align images and interests. It is important to us to make licensing as uncomplicated as possible and to offer all the necessary rights from a single source. Have a look at our music library!

Copyright administration

We provide accurate administration of your works and are your professional contact for all rights inquiries. We work hand in hand with collecting societies, licensing partners and sub-publishers to ensure that remuneration is paid for every type of use.From work registration to billing control and invoice enforcement - we are your reliable partner for professional work administration! With our work, we create the conditions for proper direct billing to you so that all income streams reach you and are used in the best possible way.

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Sheet music

We offer our authors the creation of sheet music for their works free of charge. We place the highest demands on detailed transcriptions, practical playability and a clean notation layout. Together with our Soundnotation brand, we have a variety of innovative ways of monetizing sheet music that guarantee you additional income.

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Additional revenue through monitoring. With the help of efficient music recognition and data-based search algorithms, we scour the internet for the use of your works. We check the remuneration lists of the collecting societies and automatically compare them with our internal usage lists. We uncover unknown work usage and ensure that it is accounted for. By linking our technical analyses with modern monitoring tools, we ensure that no usage is lost in TV, radio, web and live performance.

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